28 Март 2017


It was attended by more than 50 technicians among professors, assistants, students, members of water and gas distribution companies and private companies interested in the welding of polyethylene pipes.

 Great success for the new Plastfast system that has stimulated the interest of all present.

The demonstration of the Fourier's law applied to the electrofusion fittings has clarified how the new system is able to ensure greater safety of the welding when it is performed at an ambient T° greater of 23 ° C and how it can reduce the processing time when, conversely, the ambient T ° is less than 23 ° C.

The Plastitalia DGPS system, that is able to provide the coordinates of the welding location with an accuracy less than one meter,also obtained a great interest.

Finally the new european standars for the polyethylene fittings were explained: HRS CEN / TS 16892 related to the welding procedures and HRI CEN / TR 16862 related to the inspector figure. At the promotion and writing of these two important standards the Plastitalia team has actively participated.