Quality testing activity in Plastitalia

22 Январь 2021

As part of the Plastitalia’s quality commitment the testing laboratory unroll one of the most important activity that run every day, no matter if the sun sunshine in the sky or if the snow falls.

People working in Plastitalia laboratory knows very well the importance of the task they have to accomplish. And they do very well.

attività laboratorio qualità


Notwithstanding the Covid pandemic during the 2020 the laboratory has started and finished a total of 6500 tests (24 test/day):

  • 4500 Batch Release Test (BRT) that means dimensional, pressure and decohesion tests.
  • 500 Type Test (TT), dimensional, pressure, electrical characteristics, tensile, decohesion, impact, pressure drop, OIT, MFR test, etc..
  • 1000 Process Verification Test (PVT), pressure, tensile, decohesion and impact tests.
  • 250 Audit Test (AT) dimensional, pressure, electrical characteristics, tensile, decohesion and impact tests.

Test were performed under the inspection of third part inspectors (by video systems) or as normal testing activity and each test consist in the storage of an average of three pages for a total of at least 20.000 pages (digital) of documentation.

The testing laboratory is accredited to operate in conformity to UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17025 (certificate LAB n° 1622-L).

The quality isn’t a only a word and the testing activity witnesses Plastitalia’s commitment to the polyethylene piping market.