Plastitalia SpA FM Approved fittings

29 Январь 2021

Fire protection systems for industrial plants usually require that all components have Factory Mutual Research Corporation (FM) approval.

Factory Mutual Research Corporation (FM) is a testing laboratory that is recognized in the USA and internationally.

The components of fire protection systems are tested to make sure that the products meet performance, safety, and quality standards.


I raccordi Plastitalia a marchio FM


Products with the FM Approved certification mark adhere to the highest standards in quality, technical integrity and performance; testing process takes place in state-of-the-art facilities and laboratories.

The rigourous certification process consists of five-step and concerns different types of products, including fire protection, building materials and equipment for use in hazardous locations.

The fire protection systems are tested in Fire Technology Laboratory, 180,000-square-foot where are replicated warehouse-size fires to test automatic sprinklers and create mock-ups for special-protection fire extinguishing systems.


Our FM fittings

Factor Mutual (FM) approval is one of the highest standards that can be obtain by a manufacturer company like Plastitalia S.p.A.

Today more than 1600 Plastitalia SpA items are FM approved, a wide range from SDR 17 up to SDR 7,4 that includes:

spigot fittings

electrofusion fittings

transition fittings

All Plastitalia SpA products with FM diamond label show that the product meets or exceeds the strict requirements of a fire protection system.The production process of these products have been inspected and approved by FMRC, and are audited frequently to ensure compliance and promote continuing improvement.