IPlast welding machine: Small, reliable and safe

10 Февраль 2021

Thanks to a long experience in manufacturing electrofusion fittings, Plastitalia SpA has been able to design a control unit that can meet the needs of the market. Plastitalia allows you to choose between 3 products, all with the same quality and technology levels, different only in weight and performances.

The range of Plastitalia IPlast includes:

1) IPlast30:

  • Able to weld fittings up to a diameter of 160 mm;
  • Satisfy the heating and plumbing market, gas, small and civil system;
  • Supplied with universal adapters and a shoulder bag for easy transport.


  • Able to weld fittings up to a diameter of 400 mm;
  • Used in medium and big firefighting, water and gas system;
  • The casing design, performed with the most modern technologies ensures, by a cooling fan, an excellent cooling down of electrical part.


  • Able to weld fittings up to a diameter of 1600 mm;
  • Used in big water and gas system
  • Safety output current system powered by a double insulation transformer with galvanic separation for maximum work safety at construction site.
Saldatrice IPLAST: Piccola, affidabile e sicura


Why choose an IPlast?

All the models combines safety and technology, and the the result is a unique industry-leading welding.

Here are some special features of this product:

  • Large internal memory, a unique feature in the market of welding machines;
  • User friendly;
  • Multipurpose;
  • Ability to interact with other electronic ancillaries (e.g. DGPS or GPS system);
  • Thanks to the highest internal specifications, it ensures the maximum reliability and consistency of all parameters monitored and reported during all processing stages;
  • Aluminum case with a particular ergonomic design, made with a 45° angled display, large and visible in all lighting conditions.